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Art & Design


Donald Jack has experience of over 30 years in education, 23 years as Principal Teacher of Art & Design, and was Enterprise in Education Development Manager (DtS) and Subject Supporter for Citizenship and Enterprising Learning for The Highland Council. He has led research into linking cross cutting themes and participated in a number of national developments.


ART & DESIGN and the Curriculum for Excellence Creating and Owning Learning across the Curriculum
£159 plus VAT

How Art & Design contributes to the Curriculum for Excellence. This one day, creative and participative course uses the Cross Cutting Threads of Creativity, Enterprise, Citizenship, and Sustainability to help Art & Design teachers explore the width and potential of the subject in a wide educational context. The aim is to help teachers to generate learning which is empowering through ownership of the process and content. Looking at the current educational landscape and taking control of the changes and challenges of the Curriculum for Excellence, the course employs a range of teamwork approaches to stimulate ideas and strategies.

Participants will actively engage in:

  • Working together to explore overlapping agendas in CfE
  • Working in small teams to creatively develop proposals for cross cutting projects
  • Using a range of thinking and communication tools
  • Breaking through the barriers which prevent progressing

The course is aimed at Art & Design teachers and may also be useful for staff with responsibility for Enterprise, Citizenship and cross curricular development.