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This introductory course on Kodu Game Lab is suitable for use with a CfE Computing Science course, providing experiences that meet outcomes TCH 3-09a and TCH 4-09a and also as a pre-course for Computer Games Development NQGA at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6. The course is designed to be flexible offering course lengths from approximately 6 hours to 12 hours.
The course materials are built on the supplied interactive tutorial files and supporting video tutorials to develop basic skills in creating 3D games. Extensions have been added to each of the basic tutorials to consolidate these skills. At points through the course, students are presented with challenges to let them demonstrate that their game building skills are secure.
The package contains:

  • Teacher’s support notes
  • An extensively illustrated manual for Kodu Game Lab (106 pages) covering…
    • installation,
    • configuring,
    • developing with an Xbox 360 gamepad,
    •  developing with a keyboard and mouse,
    • programming,
    •  limitations of Kodu Game Lab,
    • supplied tutorial files
    • appendices
      • Game Lab options
      • Programmable Kodu objects
      • Kodu object settings
      • Kodu game settings
      • Kodu ‘When’ events and associated filters
      • Kodu ‘Do’ actions and associated details
  • A set of 10 exercises with extensions and 12 challenges as a single ‘.doc’ file that the school can tailor to meet their needs (42 pages) or as 10 individual ‘.doc’ files to use separately.
  • An accompanying pupil set of evaluation materials as a ‘.doc’ file that the school can tailor to meet their needs (15 pages) or as 10 individual ‘.doc’ files to use separately.
  • A group work exercise that can be used after exercise 6, 8 or 10 as a set of 14 individual ‘.doc’ files (19 pages) so the teacher can use some or all of the materials.

    £75+ VAT per site license for your school (+ £5 p&p)
    If you prefer, these notes are also included with the CPD course run at aoklearning– Introduction to games development using Kodu


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