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Using ICT in the Classroom


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Aileen Jamieson is an ICT Training Consultant and former teacher with over 17 years’ experience of developing and delivering CPD training to education staff from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying levels of experience and ability. She has Microsoft Office Specialist qualifications in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Martin Thomson is an award-winning educator with over 30 years’ experience in local authorities across Central Scotland. He also runs a thriving ICT Training and CPD business in addition to being a Master Instructor and Registered Trainer for a number of leading international software companies. He has been designing and delivering training courses to education staff at all levels from nursery to FE, in all subject areas, for over 20 years. He has Microsoft Office Specialist qualifications, and is an Apple Educator, specializing in iPad.

Teaching with the Ipad - Martin Thomson
Monday 1st October 2018
10.00 - 15.30
£139 plus VAT

The iPad is a fantastic tool in many ways and is a huge asset to any teacher, on any subject, as more and more schools adopt it to use in the classroom. This course is designed for all Primary or Secondary teachers with access to an iPad, either as a single device for the teacher to use, or as part of a 1:1 deployment. Many of the techniques and apps discussed could also be used by students with access to any mobile device, such as an Android tablet, or even their mobile phone.

This course will look at ways in which the iPad can be used effectively in the classroom in a cross-curricular, non-subject-specific way. We will discuss various apps and their use, and also allow plenty of time for dialogue about all things iPad-related.

In addition to the general usage of the iPad in the classroom (including broadcasting to the whiteboard, using Apple TV etc), specific apps discussed and demonstrated will include at least the following:

  • Cloud Computing – using Dropbox, One Drive etc with the iPad
  • Evernote – a collaborative app that allows many people to work together on a single topic across multiple devices.
  • Explain Everything – A demonstration tool, allowing you to, as the title suggests, Explain Everything, using a combination of graphics, video, audio and web content.
  • Socrative – An interactive teaching tool, allowing the teacher to create quizzes, and collect and collate the results
  • Nearpod – Display and control static and interactive content across all devices, including mobile phones
  • Book Creator – Create eBooks using a range of media on your iPad
  • HP Reveal – Formerly called “Aurasma”, this is an Augmented Reality app with a vast array of uses in the classroom
  • SeeSaw – Classroom management app.
  • Google Classroom – Classroom Management app
  • Class Dojo – Builds Classroom Communities
  • iTunes U – Access and Create your own online courses
  • MS Office and Apple iWork – Work Collaboratively on word processing, presentation and spreadsheet apps

Pre-Course information
Delegates should bring their own iPad, and ideally should be able to download and install apps on the day. If that is not possible, you may want to install the above apps prior to attending. Please note that this course is for teachers already comfortable with the basic use of the iPad (tapping, swiping, etc), and is also fully cross-curricular, suitable for Primary or Secondary staff.

Making the most of GLOW - Martin Thomson
Tuesday 9th October 2018
10.00 - 15.30
£139 plus VAT

Glow is Scotland’s Education Intranet, bringing every user of Scottish Education together. It contains enormous amounts of online storage for all your files, easy sharing and collaboration tools, and many, many ways to stay in touch with your pupils and colleagues across the country.

This course will take you through the best ways to get the most from your GLOW account. We will discuss and demonstrate many features of GLOW, such as working collaboratively, using online storage, creating content, accessing content, plus much more.
In particular, we will look at will include the following:

  • Launch Pad – Using your launch pad effectively to access content
  • OneDrive – online storage for all your files
  • Glow Blogs – create personal, class or whole-school blogs, websites or ePortfolios
  • Yammer – join the conversation with Scotland’s teachers
  • Class Notebook – allows your class to work with each other collaboratively on projects
  • One Note – the digital note-taking app
  • Sway – create engaging content
  • Forms – Gather information in a fun and engaging way
  • Office 365 – work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint collaboratively online
  • Teams – A collaborative space to distribute tasks and resources to pupils
  • O365 Groups – Shared spaces for teachers and students to work together

Pre-Course information
Delegates should have a Glow username and password, and be able to access their Glow account on the day of the course. Please note – we are NOT able to reset password etc on the day, so please ensure that you can access your Glow account BEFORE attending.

Using Excel and PowerPoint in the classroom - Aileen Jamieson
Monday 5th November 2018
10.00 - 15.30
£139 plus VAT

Excel is a tool with a broad range of uses in the classroom. It can be used for classroom management or as a tool for teaching. Spreadsheetskills allow pupils to organize, calculate, graph, and analyse data, for example, from a field trip or experiment. Teachers can produce class lists, record and manipulate pupil assessment data and keep track of departmental budgets and expenditure. The latter would be useful for those responsible for presenting PEF funding results. The chart tools in Excel allow you to present data in a visual format using a variety of chart types, for example, column, bar and pie.
This course is suitable for beginners and cover the following:

  • Entering data in a worksheet
  • Printing a worksheet
  • Using cell references
  • Applying formatting
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Using simple formulae – Sum, Average, Percentage
  • Sorting data
  • Replicating formulae
  • Creating charts from your data
  • Printing a chart
  • Using multiple worksheets

PowerPoint presentations provide the opportunity to combine many tools into one place. Pupils can create multimedia projects on any subject matter. They can animate words and graphics, add sound effects, include videos. It captures the pupils’ attention and helps keep them interested.

Teachers could use PowerPoint to display pupils’ work and curriculum materials or create presentations for parent meetings. You can set PowerPoint presentations to run automatically during such events, providing a slide show of classroom activities and events as parents tour your classroom or school.

This course is suitable for beginners and will cover the following:

  • Adding slides
  • Changing slide layout
  • Adding content – images, videos
  • Simple animation
  • Adding transitions
  • Formatting the background
  • Running a presentation
  • Changing timings

This is a hands on workshop format.

Previous attendees have commented:

'Aileen was fantastic at explaining everything. All questions wre answered and I felt I could ask anything, even the most basic question without feeling stupid! Tutor made this a very worthwhile course'
'Very enjoyable and helpful. Learning shortcuts also helpful. Would recommend'
'All parts of the course were useful. I realised that I can save myself prep time by knowing the basics!'

Encouraging Creativity using the iPad
Tuesday 4th December 2018
10.00 - 15.30
£139 plus VAT

Creativity in a pupil is a skill to be encouraged in any subject area. The ability to express their ideas in a number of ways, or to “think outside the box”, will enable a pupil to approach any topic from a number of angles, leading to a more rounded result.
The iPad allows pupils to express their creativity in a number of ways, by using Podcasts, Music, Video, or even using more advanced techniques such as Chromakey (“Green Screen”) technology. This course will explore various creative apps and how you can use them in the Secondary or Primary classroom.

During the course of the day, we will explore at least the following apps, and create various projects using them:

  • Garageband (music creation, podcasting, ringtones)
  • iMovie (video creation and editing)
  • iMotion (Stop Animation)
  • Puppet Pals (Story telling)
  • Green Screen (ChromaKey)
  • Explain Everything (Multi-slide Video Creation)

Delegates should bring their own iPad, and ideally should be able to download and install apps on the day. If that is not possible, you may want to install the above apps prior to attending. Please note that this course is for teachers already comfortable with the basic use of the iPad (tapping, swiping, etc), and is also fully cross-curricular, suitable for Primary or Secondary staff.

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